The Virtualization Race

Challenging Microsoft With a New Technology

...As VMware’s technology becomes more powerful and it adds more features to its products, it can start to supplant the operating system from below...

I know my life has been made easier by VMWare. Fighting physical complexities and costs is a breeze when you have tools like vSphere at your disposal.

I imagine PC hardware of the near future that might come right from the manufacturer with any number of operating systems available, enabled by hardware virtualization. Each of these operating systems could be running simultaneously via software preloaded on a some independent storage mechanism. We could be a hot-key combination away from each operating system, with full access to all of our hardware. Perhaps we could even stream our desktops from work directly onto this underlying host operating system.

If any of this sounds far-fetched I've seen demo's of each of the technologies I've mentioned independently. It's only a matter of time before they converge and form the Voltron of virtualization.