Open Source Use On The Rise

According to InformationWeek, open source use is on the rise but management policies are not keeping pace.

According to the survey, 44% said they were using more open source software than they were a year ago, with 32% saying they were using about the same, and 12% saying they were using less.

So open source software usage is up but the primary concern is how to integrate, secure and manage them centrally.

"There are a complex set of compliance, security, and management problems that can surface when OSS is used at enterprise scale, but these concerns seem to be secondary to getting the work done," said Peter Vescuso, an executive VP with Black Duck Software, from the conference.

FreeIPA intends to solve some of these management problems.

* Identity (machine, user, virtual machines, groups, authentication credentials)
* Policy (configuration settings, access control information)
* Audit (events, logs, analysis thereof)

I suspect the tough part of making such a system work will be policy enforcement in non-contiguous environments.