iPhone 3G

The 3G iPhone looks like a pretty amazing piece of technology. Apple has managed to fix all of the things I didn't like about the first incarnation. The most amazing thing about the iPhone 3G is how Apple will gain mind share and market share from the millions of people who are likely to get one. The reason they'll gain so much is the thing which bites a lot of people who a low up-front cost. Though some have complained about the increased data plan costs, most who take issue fail to understand that 3G provides real broadband network connectivity. The value of the service has inceased.

The real value though is in the potential of the platform in the form of applications. When you compare what Apple has done in just two years for the mobile telephone market and contrast against a platform like windows mobile, there is no contest as to which company is on top of their game.

It's almost as if they build their products because it fills some developers personal need versus building a "product" for the express purpose of making money. This is a strategy that I really admire because so far it tends to produce really interesting stuff.

With that said, hopefully the line will not be long.


I finally managed to get an iPhone. After having spent two days with it I'm very impressed. The only minor issue is battery life, probably because I've been using wifi quite often. The application store is incredible but since there are many competing applications it's hard to know which one is the best. I've yet to find a good source of high quality iPhone application reviews. Some applications also don't disclose information such as third party servers involved in communication, for instance some chat applications proxy certain requests between you and the destination. It's amazing to me that this device is so far ahead of anything else on the market and in some cases the horizon. It makes every other phone look rather shabby by comparison.