Gedit is not a perfect editor. Making it a little better is easy. One of the best features of Gedit: plugins.

* Auto Completion Plugin - Auto complete words.
* Scripting Plugin - Execute scripts using the script defined interpreter.
* File Browser Pane - This built-in plugin makes jumping from file to file much easier.
* Snippets Plugin - Enabling the built-in snippets plugin allows tab expansion of language specific keywords to help save keystrokes.
* Darkmate Theme - The darkmate theme approximates textmate's dark theme.

I should note that I use MacOS at home and Linux at work, the theme and plugins above are meant to approximate TextMate. I own a copy of TextMate and I think it's one of the best text editors I've ever used.


Another editing application with potential for Gedit integration is called Meld. Meld is a graphical diff and merge tool. Sometimes regular old diff can get you down, especially if you're looking at lots of similar looking text. If you need some visual cues to make spotting differences easier Meld is a good tool for the job.