Life is Good

The other day as I was driving home on the freeway. Traffic was really bad, I could only assume there was an accident ahead. The traffic crept slowly forward, and about twenty minutes later I came upon the source of the congestion. A man was sitting on the edge of a high arching overpass, about fifty feet up from the freeway below. The police and fire departments had closed off the lanes to prevent traffic from flowing underneath him. His legs dangled over the edge and he kept a straight gaze to the concrete below, anyone could tell by looking at him he was serious. The local later got a description of the man whom they described as "distressed". I thought to myself, "He's either upset or did something terrible". I was mostly upset because it multiplied my commute time by three, but it also made me think a little bit. As much as any of us get stressed, and as much as life can be complicated, I know I've got it pretty good.

The unidentified man swung his leg over the ledge at 7:27 p.m. and walked about 50 feet back to a line of squad cars accompanied unhandcuffed by a group of Fort Worth police officers.