Thoughts on iPhone

Obviously this Apple event entitled "Let's Rock" tomorrow is geared towards music, but I'm hoping some iPhone software is also in the cards.

There are a few things that bug me about the iPhone. The lack of copy and paste, from application to application is a big one, and one which has been noted by numerous other sources. I'll not dwell on this except to simply note that it's one of the things I'd like to see in a future release.

Another issue for me is the lack of features in the mail client. What I would love to have are basic filtering capabilites. Such that I can filter mail into a folder with simple rules of my choosing. Since I cannot automatically sync my IMAP sub-folder mail I should have some level of control over mail that I must have in the root of my inbox. Simply talking to Exchange isn't quite good enough, I need some power-user features to take control of my email. I would also like to set the polling time on a per-account basis.

My next issue is the Application Store, I'd like to see more and varied applications. While there are currently a large number of applications the jail-broken community comes up with a lot more useful stuff. I don't know if Apple doesn't let these applications into the store or if they just aren't submitted to the store. In the case of the former I hope Apple loosens its grip over what it will allow in the store. The iPhone has proven to be an exciting platform for developers and its full potential should be realized. I don't think Apple should fear application sprawl because the best applications will always float to the top of most purchased and most popular applications.

Overall I'm very happy with my iPhone but as with everything, it could be better. I expect that there are an unknown number of coders, lit by the glow of an unknown number of monitors making it better as we speak.